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SMART Language School

SMART Language School is an innovative educational center. Our main goal is to involve school children and young people in Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region in communication with people of other cultures, races and religions through learning foreign languages.
The following events are an integral part of education in our school:

smart school photo
smart school photo
  • English lessons with volunteer foreign students with presentations and discussions about their national cultures, different social and religious aspects;
  • Regular skype sessions with students in other countries;
  • Skype sessions with foreign teachers;
  • Collaborative Internet projects with foreign counterparts;
  • Participation in international competitions, projects and grants;
  • Educational trips abroad.

We don’t just teach languages , but immerse our students in the cultural and educational event-driven environment, where they get an opportunity to practice the language.

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Ulyanovsk, Russia

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