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Be SMART! Учись с умом!

*Smart (англ.) - умный, интеллектуальный, сообразительный, энергичный, находчивый

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"SMART Communicative"

This course is designed by our most experienced teachers to help you learn how to communicate in everyday situations and to remove the language barrier. There are speaking workshops at the end of each topic (every 3-4 lessons), where you will practice English in real-life situations.

The course will teach you how to introduce yourself and others, how to give thanks or apologize, to ask and respond to a request, to accept an offer, to leave a complaint, to fill in a form, to make an order and pay the bill. The program includes the most necessary practical topics - at the airport, in a cafe, in a shop, in the street, in a hotel, and much more.

"SMART Academic"

To prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Exams, we offer specially designed English language courses, which aim to:

  • Familiarize you with exam formats;
  • Improve your grammar;
  • Increase your vocabulary;
  • Teach you how to read in English: general understanding, reading for specific information, finding answers to questions, writing summaries;
  • Teach you how to write: letters, emails, stories, essays and much more;
  • Improve your listening and speaking skills.

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