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*Smart (англ.) - умный, интеллектуальный, сообразительный, энергичный, находчивый

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Programs for teachers of foreign languages

English speaking courses

What's new?
Would you like to improve your English?
Don't have enough practice?
Are you interested in using English outside classroom?
At our school, you can practice and master the language
in a group with our most experienced teacher trainers,
and also learn new methods and technics which you can use in your lessons.
  • Speaking workshops with foreign guests
  • Wide use of IT-technologies
  • skype logoSkype sessions with teachers from other countries

TKT preparation courses

What is TKT?
TKT /Teaching Knowledge Test/ is a teacher training qualification for English language teachers from all backgrounds. It focuses on the basic terms and concepts of modern methods of teaching English, classroom management, lesson planning and using learning materials.

Why do I need TKT?
  • It gives you deeper understanding of methods of teaching EFL.
  • Besides aquiring the necessary theoretical framework, you will be able to share your teaching experience with your colleagues and hone your practical teaching skills.

For details call +7 8422 44 11 94 or +7 9603 72 96 97

Program "8+1" form "Smart Camp"

Invite 10 students to "Smart Camp" and join for free! (You can go to the camp yourself of send a child)

For details call +7 9510 97 25 08 (Elena)

Look forward to our productive collaboration.

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